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Salud! Holistic SPA

At Salud Holistic SPA! your health is our first priority. We utilize the most advanced natural analysis to be able to get to the root of your health related problem in order to get it out of your life once and for all.

All our procedures are non-invasive and 100% all natural. We place our emphasis on treating the whole person and involving you as an essential part – and partner – in your own healing.

By offering the latest scientific information as well as the wisdom of ancient healing traditions, we can safeguard the health of the whole family.

At Salud!, we offer many different nutritional programs and body improvement plans, which include holistic nutrition counseling. Each program is tailored to every client’s individual needs, health metrics, issues, problems and goals to achieve.

Salud!’s wellness enablers, including a certified nutritional consultant, fuse ancient traditions with contemporary scientific findings to naturally steel bodies against illness. They promote sprucing up from the inside out with colon hydrotherapy, liver cleansing, kidney cleansing, and ionic footbaths—all holistic treatments that require neither drugs nor robots.

By carefully examining a patient’s tongue, nails, or eyes, the practitioners can help to identify and ease chronic and acute conditions. All SPA treatments are performed by certified Aestheticians and coordinated by Holistic Dr. Jiménez.



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If you believe that reaching a balance health requires self-deprivation, we’re going to teach you otherwise.

Dr. Jiménez