RF Or Vacuum Lipo and CarboxyTherapy Combo 2

RF Or Vacuum Lipo and CarboxyTherapy Combo 2


15 Radio Frequency or Vacuum Lipo Sessions
15 CarboxyTherapy Sessions for either (Glutes/Slimming/Skin Tightening/Breast Firming)
Value: $5250              You Pay: $1500 You Save: 65%



The body’s natural wound healing response then
causes collagen changes. RF technology penetrates underneath the top layer of your skin
so it doesn’t burn or hurt the surface. You wouldn’t need surgery.
Radio frequency (RF) the perfect answer for skin tightening.

Vacuum therapy helps reduce muscle weakness, tiredness, pain, cramps, spasms,
numbness, tightness, stiffness swelling and scarring.

Say Hello To Carboxytherapy! Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks and Cellulite! Loose skin,
varicose veins and spider veins; wounds and scars, fat deposits, and more…