Body Detox



Have you ever considered this simple question: Are you clean inside?
We all shower, brush our teeth and wash our hair on a daily basis,
but we tend to ignore cleansing our insides until some form of disease
sends us a wake-up call.

Four sessions is a good start, but in order for you to have a complete cleansed colon, we do recommend about 6 sessions; you might need more.

Liver Detox-Flush 7 Day Cycle
Among the 500 functions of the liver, also it converts harmful substances so that they can be excreted in the urine, or through bile back into the digestive system and excreted through the bowel.

It’s time to show your hard-working liver some love. After the first cycle you liver will be working more efficiently. Your liver detox flush program, includes a kit with some herbs, minerals and vitamins to take during detox cycle.

Infrared body wrap can help improve the appearance of the skin, as well as boost metabolism and rid the body of excess toxins and fluids.
• Increases metabolism for up to 36 hours after your session
• Purges the body of toxins and fat through perspiration
• Targeted cellulite reduction
• Soothes sore and strained muscles
• Increases blood circulation
• Anti-inflammatory for muscle and joint pain
• Burns up to 1400 calories per session

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