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Holistic Nutritional Plan…Reach balance the Natural Way!

You might be like most people fighting weight gain.

You have probably tried several diets or several methods with the same result: gaining back twice as much as you lost.

The core of our weight loss program is to help you lose excess weight and find a healthy way of eating that you can sustain for a lifetime.

At Salud Holistic SPA! your health is our first priority. All our plans are non-invasive and 100% all natural. We place our emphasis on treating the whole person and involving you as an essential part – and partner – in your own process. MORE DETAILS

Salud Holistic SPA! has better science, support and results for your goals. Our program is based on research and clinical experience.

At Salud!, we offer many different nutritional programs and body improvement plans, which include holistic nutrition counseling. Each program is tailored to every client’s individual needs, health metrics, issues, problems and goals to achieve.

Salud!’s wellness enablers, including a certified nutritional consultant, fuse ancient traditions with contemporary scientific findings to naturally steel bodies against illness. They promote sprucing up from the inside out with colon hydrotherapy, liver cleansing, kidney cleansing, and ionic footbaths—all holistic treatments that require neither drugs nor robots. What MayoClinic has to say

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40 Day Holistic Diet

40 Day Cycle | Lose One Pound Per Day
  • Salud Holistic  Diet (40 Days-40 Pounds)
  • Value: $900 You Pay: $400
  • ($600 OFF)
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15 Laser Non-Invasive Lipo Treatment Sessions Combo 3

15 Laser Non-Invasive Lipo Sessions
  • 15 Laser Non-Invasive Lipo Sessions
  • One Area Only.
  • Value: $3750 You Pay: $500
  • ($3250 OFF)
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